“I decided it was time for a change in June 2010.  I just started my junior year of college and it was freshman and sophomore year I gained about 25 lbs and weighed in at 194 lbs. Breaking 200 was something I did not want to do!  I’ve always lived an active lifestyle with playing a variety of sports since I was a kid and going to the gym 4-5 times a week so working out wasn’t the problem.  I had a terrible diet and didn’t really know how to work out the correct way. Just like most of girls out there I thought lifting heavy with low reps would make me bulky and to stick to low weight lots of reps. little did I know it was the exact opposite that I needed to do. .  Four months after starting, I now weigh 176 lbs and hardly have any clothes that still fit me. Now that I am back at school I continue to tract my food but I am much more knowledgeable about what to eat and what not to eat and know what the correct portion sizes are. I still lift three times a week and do stairs or hill sprints three times a week.  I love working out now.  It’s something I get excited to do instead of dreading going to the gym.  I have more energy than I have ever had.  I used to need to take a nap every day because I never had energy, now I have energy all the time and am awake and focused all day, even after nights where I didn’t get much sleep.  Just by a healthy lifestyle change with changing the way I work out and eating the way I should be eating has made me a completely different person, not just by the way I look but mentally too. I’m an overall happier person and slowly I keep getting more and more confident with myself because before I was very self conscious and had no confidence.  With hard work comes success, the better my results get the more motivated I get to keep going! My before picture was what I looked like in April of 2011 and the current picture was taken in September 2011. I now know that if I truly set my mind to something, I can do it all it takes is a little hard work.  But I’m willing to put as much work into this as possible to keep myself feeling as good as I do now, especially when I know it’s just going to keep getting better and better!”




I started training at edge just 3 months ago and I’ve went from 155 lbs to 170 pounds of muscle. All my lifts maxes have gone up by at least 35 pounds, my speed is up like crazy, and I have also started eating better from the health seminar.   If you want results stop talking about it and join already.

-Jon D.


“I joined Edge Strength and Conditioning 7 months ago just to get into a little better shape. From the beginning it was a good fit.  Edge offers semi-private personal training sessions in a group setting. Owner/ Trainer  Mike Spagnola, himself a champion strongman, has created group fitness training with individualized attention. Workouts are a perfect blend of resistance training and cardio with a focus on form and progress. Even though it is a group session, you get personal attention and workouts are targeted to individual fitness levels and you progress at your own pace. I was always challenged to perform at higher levels, and I began to see results in just 4 weeks.  Mike combines his wealth of fitness/exercise knowledge with nutritional guidance to create the perfect formula for a total transformation of body, mind and life. At 49 years old, I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost 36 pounds, over 20 inches and 5 dress sizes”

 -Mary, 50


“My experience training with Mike was like no other personal trainer i’ve had before.  He wants you to succeed more than you do–this is what he lives for .  He will always make time to train.  For the year or so that me and Mike trained together I was pushed to my limits every time, which is exactly what I wanted. He worked to get me the results I thought I could never otherwise achieve.  With all that being said, if you want a trainer who is going to treat you like he’s been your best friend for years, train you until you want to cry (mostly kidding), and always have new ways to get you jacked, Mike is the way to go, no questions asked. If you want a trainer who takes every aspect of what you want to achieve, and you want guaranteed results [with your hard work, you only get what you put into it], then you need to train with Mike.”

-Matt A.



Before Training at Edge, I was overweight, had very little self-confidence, and didn’t have the direction or focus I needed.  Best decision I’ve ever made, period.  I have lost 120lbs and have gained so much more.  I passed the police POWER test with flying colors, something I wouldn’t have ever been able to do a year ago.  I compete in strongman competitions, and am much more confident that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

-Rudy E.


Owner and head trainer knows his stuff. Accepting to all levels of knowledge and personal goals. Great to see a place that really cares about client progress and not their bottom line. I’ve lost nearly 150lbs and helped heal up some nagging body aches from the training here.  Highly recommend giving it a shot if your normal gym just isn’t delivering, because that’s what Edge seems to be all about.
-Tim S.
“Two and a half years ago I had hit rock bottom in terms of weight, fitness, and overall health. Exercise is my love and passion, but I’m living proof that it doesn’t matter how much you think you know; you can still fall victim. Its easy to hope for a fast and uncomplicated journey, but that’s not real. There have been times where I wanted to quit, but Mike never gave up or showed any doubt in me. When something wasn’t working he was devoted to figuring out why or changing up my routine so I could continue to make progress. Mikes dedication to his clients makes it easy to enter the gym and give it your all every session!”

-Sara S, 23


“This place gets results! Not only is the gym an awesome atmosphere to train, Mike Spagnola makes it good resource to learn anything and everything from diet, to training regiments, to just plain social skills. I have found myself wanting to spend more time there not to just train, but to toss fitness ideas around with all the trainers there. Now for results…Mike has helped my flexibility so much that before training with him, a parallel squat was out of the question…Now I am 500+ lb (squat) competitive powerlifter. I went from a very “heavy” looking 300lb man to a much more muscular 275lbs. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Mike and all the other people who train at Edge. If you lifting heavy weights, love your sport, or just plain love your body, Edge is the place to train. Mike will get you to your goals and educate you at the same time!”

-Shane, APF/AAPF Powerlifter



“If you are serious about training, stop going to commercial gyms and check out Edge. Mike Spagnola (owner and head trainer) really knows his stuff and does everything in his power to help you reach your goals. If you want to be the best, you have to be trained by the best.”

-Chad Nasci,

Owner/Head Coach, Nashdog Barbell








“i love training at edge! As a power lifter I need to add strength without gaining fat not only have i lost 10 pounds of fat i have also put 200 pounds on my competition total (squat deadlift bench). Mike and all the trainers at edge are very informational and actually care about you succeeding in your goals. Unlike most commercial gym that are more concentrated on the making money, everyone at edge from the people being trained to the trainers care about you, and are there to help you reach your goals! This place will make you better. if you want to change go to this gym.”

-Sam, AAPF State Record Jr. Powerlifting Champ

Mike’s drive and commitment to your success is second to none. He consistently strives to further his knowledge of the inner workings of the human body, enabling anyone to make the changes they desire a reality. His clients are enjoyable and helpful, creating a positive atmosphere that helps you push yourself to that next level. Within a couple of weeks, not only did I begin to see results, friends and co-workers also began commenting about them. If you want to make a positive change in your physique and your life, Mike is the guy to see.


” Mike instilled a motivation in me to pursue a healthier, more directed lifestyle by providing me with unwavering support and enthusiasm. His well rounded understanding of an individual’s potential is incredibly reassuring. I surpassed my goals while training with Mike because of the positive attitude he brought to every session. Armed with the knowledge and understanding of proper training techniques acquired in each session, I am confidently effective in my daily workouts.”

-Claire R, 20

“I had a great experience and learned a lot. Mike suggested keeping a workout journal which has proven to be a great tool for tracking progress. Overall I feel much healtheir and energized. I did not see results as quickly as I initially anticipated, but I learned that it’s not how fast things change, it’s the quality of life that comes with the change, and achieving goals the proper way that makes the difference.”

-Robin V, 36

“My experience was AMAZING.  Didn’t know I could become as strong as I did. And I was in the best shape I have EVER been in when I attended a friend’s wedding in Costa Rica! A “twenty something” girl actually asked me how I(a mother of two young children) got my abs to look so good. I have never actually even had abs before! Lol! I wanted to be confident in a swimsuit while vacationing with friends, and that I was! I didn’t know that was even possible!”

-Lauren W.

Mike Spagnola is a great trainer. He is able to quickly sum up what physical problems and imbalances that your body has by observation.  Mike prescribes a program of exercises and life style changes that will help you reach whatever  your goal may be. He is a wonderful instructor and will help you learn how to go through the various stages of exercise and weight training that will eventually show the results you want . He has a plan in mind when he works with you and little by little, session by session you will be working toward getting where you need to go. I  110% would recommend him as a trainer. he is smart and encouraging and articulate in explaining what you need to do and helping you do it. I wish he was still available as a trainer at my gym. We miss him. If you are lucky enough to be able to work with Mike, you are on a rewarding journey.

-Juanita Kennedy

“I had heard about Mike from one of my clients that was training with him. I had seen the results from my client and the results were amazing! I started working with Mike about 2 months ago and have seen incredible results! I am down 20 pounds and have more energy and confidence. The gift that Mike has as a trainer is the ability to motivate you to do what you didn’t think was possible. He has totally changed the way I look at food and taught me how to eat right. It is not a diet he showed me it really is a lifestyle. I have learned that you don’t get to look fabulous by mistake, it take the knowledge to know how to get there and Mike has done that for me!”

-Amy B, 29