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Here’s where you begin your journey to a strong, happy, and healthy life. You fill out the form, you confirm your strategy session time, and you show up to meet Mike or Marissa where you’ll learn all the tools we use to help you succeed.


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After your strategy session where we’ll go over your goals, your medical and injury history, and take you through simple no-sweat movement screen to build your perfect program, we build your individual training program to guarantee your success.


Begin Your Quest Toward a Strong, Happy, & Healthy Life.

You showed up, you learned the path we’ll take you on to be successful, and you’ve done Private Training to get comfortable with your new gym, your new coaches, and your new way of life. Last up you’ll join group fitness, and you’ll learn the tools needed to succeed inside the gym and out.

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Not ready for group fitness? That’s A-OK. You can have the expertise of our coaches, experience our amazing culture, and still get a private workout with our personal training program.
Personal Training
Personal Training
Not ready for group fitness? That’s A-OK. You’re not alone, and personal training is often where your fitness journey begins. You and one trainer work together on your custom workout designed with your goals and current workout ability.
Small Group Personal Training
Still your workout on your terms, but now you do it with some people who might become your new best friends. Small group training is just you and up to 5 others, and add in some large group cardio classes for even better results.

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Siobhan P.

“To be honest, I can’t image how many stumbles I’d have if it wasn’t for Edge being there to support and guide me. If anyone is still debating joining, I encourage you to take the leap into Edge…you will be so thankful you did!.”


Mario C.

“Edge is the best gym ever, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! It’s been a ride and i’m not done yet, but i’ve lost 120 lbs and feel amazing.”


Mario C.

“Edge is the best gym ever, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! It’s been a ride and i’m not done yet, but i’ve lost 120 lbs and feel amazing.”

This will be you soon. Your new Strong, Happy, and Healthy life.
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