Not getting results in the gym is the worst.  Not only are you putting time in, but the lack of payoff just makes it downright frustrating.

Chances are good you can easily fix any of the problems, and the answer is just overlooked.

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Reason 1: You’re Burning Yourself Out

This one only needs a quick explanation.  If you’re going 100% effort every single session and training five or more times a week, chances are good you’re not going to be able to recover properly.  You grow and get stronger when you recover, not while training.  Take a day off here and there.  You can walk or do some non-exercise activity, but let your body recover and you’ll be amazed as your progress spurs forward.

Reason 2:  You’re Mentally Sabotaging Yourself

Do you “know” certain weights are heavy before you lift them?  Are you sure you’re going to finish last in your group? If you answered yes, then your mindset is the problem, and you need to change it. 

Have more faith in your hard work. Dare to move up in weight. Challenge yourself to grow and get better.  it’s not as hard as you think, it’s not as heavy as you think, and you can OUTwork in your group!

Reason 3:  Your Form Needs Work

Trying to get your butt to grow, but always squatting with your weight on your toes during squats or lunges? 

Are you over-arching your back to deadlift when you should be finishing the lift by squeezing your butt?

Are you bracing your abs on heavy lifts by taking a breath and flexing out?

If you’re not using great form with everything, you’re leaving results on the table.  Keep working hard to perfect your form.

Reason 4:  You’re Too Okay with Being Comfortable

Everyone in the gym should have a constant goal to get better in the gym.  Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always got, and the gym is no different.  To progress, you have to stimulate your body, and the simplest way to do this is to add weight in your hand/to the bar/to whatever movement you’re doing that day. It doesn’t have to be every day or even every week, but you should definitely be getting stronger month to month, year to year.

Reason 5:  The environment is hurting your ability to get better

I almost didn’t put this one, because people have been getting strong in basements and crappy gyms for decades.  But if you’re training in a place where you’re not celebrated for results, but rather a lack thereof, you need to get out and workout somewhere else. On your own, at a more serious gym, whatever the case is.

Reason 6: The people you hang out with have bad results.

In almost every aspect, who you are is a result of who you associate with.  Spend time with people who like drinking, eating out, and being lazy, and guess what you’re gonna get?  Even if you spend time at the gym working hard, it’s an uphill battle.

Associate yourself with people who are going to help you grow and get better, not drag you down.  This is tough but necessary if you want to be the best version of you.


With positive energy come great results!!