We’re 10 days away from the New Year, which means 10 days out from the day everyone is going to change drastically.

No more alcohol. Lose 50lbs.  Workout every day. Read more.

You name it, people are gonna do it.  We are really going to live in a fitter, smarter, more productive, happier place.

Except we don’t, and by February resolutions are albeit forgotten.

At Edge Fitness & Performance, we know why people fail, and why people succeed.  We’ve been refining the game  in McHenry county since 2011, so we know a thing or two about getting people results.

Let’s dive in.

Solution #1: Have a strong enough “Why” to Achieve your Goal

The problem with so many goals, especially during New Years, is that they are astronomically difficult to achieve, and even harder to maintain.   Look, losing fat is pretty hard work.  It’s a simple process (move more, eat less calories, use your muscles..that’s it!) but one that’s incredibly hard to follow.

Because food tastes good. Drinking is fun. My kid has a birthday party. Work catered lunch.  And so on…

Like it or not, we are constantly analyzing our situations and weighing out the cause and effect, cost and benefit, every time we are faced with a decision.

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Lose 50lbs or eat some cake because there’s leftovers and you didn’t plan your meals?

No brainer right?

So, the ultimate equalizer and the solution is to tie a why to the goal you choose.

Losing 25lbs is pretty vain and selfish (which isn’t a bad thing, but for some people isn’t a strong enough goal in the face of adversity).

Losing 25lbs to relieve back and knee pain so that you can run around with your kids, because you want your 5 year old to grow up knowing mommy was active and fit and played with him?   That means something.  Find your why, and tie it to your goal.


Solution #2: Develop New Habits, don’t erase old ones.

This one is sort of a trick solution, because honestly it’s not possible to erase our habits.  Our minds are so powerful and ‘hooked’ (without getting into the down and dirty details) on the things that we engrain as habits, that’s it’s not possible to shake old habits.  What you can do though, is to either replace them, or to add a new habit that takes the place of the old habit.

If you’re used to eating dessert after dinner 5x/week, you can’t just decide not to do that.  You might fight it for a while, but if that’s been your habit for 2-3 years, you instead have to replace the habit with something different.


So, instead of a normal dessert you might choose to save some calories and have a piece of fruit after dinner.  Or read a few pages. Or do something else that’s not going to add inches to your waist-line.  The key is to focus on what you’re going to do/add rather than to “get rid of” a habit.


Solution #3: Be Held Accountable

As the owner of a fitness business, a long time trainer/coach, and someone who has worked out consistently for over a decade,  I have a coach.   For me, I actually have a team of coaches that help me with my nutrition and my training.  It’s not that I lack the ability to do it, or write an effective workout…it’s simply that without having someone in my corner, I know I will not stay accountable.  I get really bad training and nutrition ADD and tend to bounce.  Having a coach keeps me grounded and progressing safely.

Why then, do people with little to no fitness background think they should go at it alone?

In our gym, we have an entire follow up process for people who haven’t been in.  We don’t want clients who don’t show up.  The more people that show up, and get real results, build the culture, have a blast, etc…the BETTER we do.  If you dive into what makes other gyms successful, it’s the amount of people who never show up.  PF no accountability

There you have it, three easy solutions to guarantee your success this New Years.

All the best,