In a world where everyone thinks they’re an expert, it’s hard to find the right trainer in Cary and Mchenry county. Social media has done a lot of good to bring the world closer than ever; but it also exposes people to, and enables, people who think they are far more qualified than they truly are.

In the fitness world, this translates to online coaching, which, at the surface, seems to be a great way to get good information without investing bigger bucks on a personal trainer. But what most people don’t realize is that  custom program you got on the cheap is most likely the same program that each one of their 27 thousand followers receive.  Make sure they are an actual personal trainer. Just because one person looks great and tells a good story of their life doesn’t mean they can help you do the same.  Doing something and helping someone do something are very different things in the fitness world.


Here’s a few things you can do to make sure your trainer/coach, be it online or in person, has your best intentions at heart:

  • Make sure there is an initial assessment or questionnaire (or both) so that your health history, and current activity level, are taken into consideration before you workout.  
  • Many times, an in-person trainer is worth the investment because of the age we live in.  We have the information we could ever need, for free.   It’s all out there.  The investment is for HOW to get it done, the accountability, and the consistency of showing up and getting the work done.   If someone is selling you the information, they are likely a good salesman, and not a good trainer and is probably wearing a cheesy, online media disguise like  this guy over here ============>>>
  • Why jeopardize bad form or inappropriately hard moves, just to follow along with the workout? 
      • A good online coach might even ask you to send videos of yourself doing exercises that may need attention to detail with technique and form to close the gap between the in-person advantage.
  • Look local.

    Check your local area for small group training. Most the time it’s a great way to get safe training done at a reasonable investment. At Edge we make sure our trainers are up to date with the newest knowledge, certifications, and most important truly care about you health. Each program is modified for you best interests and goals in mind.

  • If you decide to go with an online coach, make sure that your coach is individualizing what is best for you.
    Your workouts should be extremely detailed, and your communication with the trainer should be detailed as well. You cannot spot target fat loss, so when people sell ab programs it better be a nutrition program with complete accountability, and not a bunch of planks. 
  • There should be clear outlines and expectations of communication with your online trainer.

  •  How many times will you check in per week?  How many responses do you get?  What accountability is included in the programming? A scope of work will help clear all this up.  If you don’t get one, it can be a gamble on the level of quality you receive.

Whether you’re shopping around in the local market for a quality fitness program, or Instagram has been targeting you with the latest model-drop-out turned-instafamous-trainer, be sure to take all of these into consideration when finding the person to help you get started. 


If you want to learn how we help OUTworkers at Edge, email me at and we’ll setup a time to talk!