Phew.  The holiday season is in full swing, but you’ve already navigated your way through Halloween and given thanks for Thanksgiving without throwing your goals off course. If not, then here’s some tips to keep the holiday fat loss train on the rails.

Now it’s just time to get through Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

And I know you’re sitting there, thinking, “geezzzz what more advice can you possibly give?”  I’m already doing the free workouts ** you handed out, drinking less beer and eating less cookies, and I think i’m ready to crush this!   If that’s you, great!  Enjoy a brew with Santa…but if you need a few more tips and tricks to keep from going off the rails, keep on reading.

                Santa can party, too.

Well, that’s a good point.  We’ve already given you some gold this Holiday Season.  Which we know isn’t a season but rather a series of days.  But, there’s still more than candy and turkey navigation.

Here’s my plan for the next two weeks. Take notes, and take what will work for you!

  1.  Increase activity level if stress levels allow for it.
    You might be so full of stress you just wanna sleep till next year,  and you might be so  jolly that you can’t stop wearing Christmas sweaters, singing Christmas music, and just generally making people want to punch the happiness right out of you.Since most of us lie somewhere in between, get a few extra workout in if you have time (We have some cool ones from our 12 Days of Christmas Workouts, absolutely free)**.  You can also:
    -Park further away from every store
    -walk on your lunch breaks
    -walk your dogs, or walk them 10 minutes longer each day
    -stretch in the morning
    -Stay after a session at Edge and ride the bike, foam roll, or do extra work.
  2. Decrease calories daily from now until the end of the year.  But not by a lot.  Because if you lower them too low, it increases the likelihood that you’ll over eat when you relax at a Christmas Dinner, New Years party, or company party, and we want to stay in control the whole time.No, you won’t be in starvation mode. Yes, you will feel like you’re starving and you’ll be more likely to overeat with delicious temptations.    Start with a 200-400 calorie per day decrease (less if you’re on lower calories, more if you have more calories).
  3. Keep water intake high.  Also, an extra cup or two of joe can help here.
    Know the secret of water intake? It takes up space in your belly, therefore making it harder to overeat with other things.  So, if you normally drink 4 bottles a day, move it up to 5 (mid morning is best for this!).
  4. Also, enjoy an extra cup or two of coffee without all the extra fixings.  The liquid takes up space, you have to sip it, it tastes good, and the caffeine helps curb hunger a bit.
  5.  Read the other guides.  Seriously. Thanksgiving rules don’t just apply on Thanksgiving———CONCEPTS WORTH REPEATING———
  6. If it’s a trigger food, don’t eat it.  Seriously, if you know something is going to make it really difficult to control yourself, or send you down a tumbling spiral, avoid it.  I know this flies in the face of the “oh just enjoy yourself” mentality, but that’s because these people spewing these lies have never had real food issues.  There, I said it.
  7.  Confine the off-plan meals to the meal.  No, you don’t get a free pass for your normal breakfast because Christmas dinner is gonna be off plan.  Just stick with your usual eating  leading up to and after the indulging period.And, if that advice is difficult, then, for sure, 100% get back on plan tomorrow.  It doesn’t mean to burn the Christmas tree and Christmas cookies, but it does mean get back to tracking them and eating them in extreme moderation.

None of these are sexy.  And none of them are “the secret sauce” because that is a ridiculous statement and I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting otherwise.  There aren’t any secrets, there’s just smart tactics and habits to stay on plan most of the time, doing minimal damage while you’re off plan, and getting back on plan as quickly as possible.

Just because you’re an Edge member doesn’t mean you have all the answers, and just because you’re not an Edge client doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you. I’ll help you all.  If you have any questions, want some tips, to share your experience, struggles, etc, i’m here for you–our whole team is. Email me at michael@edgestrength.com and i”ll answer any questions you have and help you successfully navigate the holidays and get on a path to a stronger, happier, healthier you.






**Members, free 12 days of Christmas workouts can be found in our private family facebook group