Everyone deserves results.  Not everyone is doing the right things to earn them, though.

It’s not your fault.  You’re busy, you’re overworked, and you’re all over the place.  But, you’re getting your workouts and eating pretty healthy (whatever that means to you).

So what gives?

Well, in order to get results, you’re going to have to give.  Give a little bit more to yourself.  Think of it as an investment though—having these extra five things built into your habits will carry you into the body you deserve, as well as healthfulness for years to come.  Pretty good investment if you ask me.

Drink your water.

How much water you need is actually very easy to figure out  Simply take half of your bodyweight, and that’s how much water you should drink in ounces each day.

The simplest way to do this is to grab a 24 or 32 ounce water bottle, so for most people that’s going to be between three or four of those water bottles completely (completely full to completely empty) per day.

2.  Track things.

What you track you can improve, and the opposite is true. I track workouts and food, but in the past i’ve had people track their mood, their sleep, etc.  It just depends on the things you want to improve. 

A bare minimum is to track what you’re eating each day (I like Fat Secret or MyFitnessPal—easy app you can throw your food in as you eat it) and your training sessions.  For workouts, just use good ol’ fashion pen and paper.

3.  Eat More Protein

Yeah, so, not to beat a dead horse, but if you want to get results in the gym and out, you need to eat more protein.  Contrary to what gym “bros” and women scared by good magazine marketing believe, protein is a building block of muscle, but alone isn’t a muscle builder.  Rather, its a valuable nutrient to prevent your body from eating away your muscle as you diet to get lean.  So, if you wanna look great as you lose fat, aim for somewhere between .6g and 1.2g x your bodyweight (in pounds) each day. 

4.  Read.

Like it or not, you are the best investment you can make, period.  No amount of money thrown at any problem will supersede you gaining knowledge and becoming more valuable.  Be it training, nutrition, finance, motivation, leadership, or whatever else, you need to invest your time in you.  The easiest way to begin this habit is to start reading just 5 pages a day.  I borrowed this idea from a mentor and friend of mine, Paul Reddick, and adopted it as my own.  Once you get into the habit of cracking open a book, you will often read much more then the minimum pages.

A word of caution: reading alone does not make you better.  Better to read less books per year, but implement what you read, then read more and do less.

5.  Sleep More and Sleep Better.

Or one, or the other.  Whichever.  But seriously, you should’ve listened to your mom growing up.  Sleeping is when our body repairs, when our minds get to relax, and when we do most of our recovery.  Aim for a bare bone minimum of 7 hours per night.  For some people this is enough (and a big improvement), and for others you might need 8-9. 

Are you sleeping, but still finding yourself tired?  You might just need some tweaks to help fix that. 

Give these tips a try, and start progressing leaps and bounds from before.

Dedicated to your success,

Mike Spagnola