It’s official; the dreaded “Holiday Season” has begun, and now everyone’s next step to stay strong, happy, and healthy is halloween diet tips and tricks. Navigating those pesky little candy bars can be tricky, but we can help.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a pumpkin shaped peanut butter cup ready to get devoured. What’s worse is right after Halloween when the candy is all cue scary music ON -SALE.

You need to have a plan.

To those of you without a plan, it might really seem unfair. It’s like the candy is crawling out of its bite size packaging and right into your mouth. And, just like that, the last 4 weeks of your excellent nutrition plan is derailed. And, it’s not like you’re going to find reprieve from the temptation, because Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are just around the corner. First thing’s first, though; we have to get through Halloween. The holiday season has officially kicked off, and now you need some strategies to make sure you don’t fall victim to derailing several months of progress. Here’s how we do it at Edge Fitness:

The Mental Game:

  1. Sorry, but you’re not a kid anymore. This means you’re not getting any free passes from us, because free passes turn into 10lbs, and we just don’t want you going down that road.
  2. Speaking of that, what’s the game you’re teaching your kids anyway? That the holiday season kicks off on Halloween and it’s to smash your face mindlessly into terrible foods without reserve? I’m all for everyone (yes, even you!) enjoying small portions of each holiday, but keep it in context. The habits you teach your kids now are the same habits that will either keep them healthy as adults, or reading this 15 years from now. The choice is yours
  3. Why are you doing this, anyway? If your why is weak, you will not succeed. “i want to lose 5lbs” is a terrible why, but “I want to be a healthy weight so that my body is strong and capable of walking my daughter down the aisle when she gets married” or “I want to be the grandma my grandkids can run around with, not sit and color with” are whys that matters. Restate your why, and remember it every time one of those damn Sour Patch Kids is begging you to tear it’s head off.
  4. If you’re worried enough about some Halloween candy, chances are good you probably need to redevelop your relationship with food and create some mindful habits around your daily eating, anyway. This is a GREAT time to start tracking your calories and intake to ensure you’re not overeating on at least 55 of the 60 days we call “the holiday season”.


The actual game

  1. When your kids come home from Trick or Treating, go through their bags with them and toss out (or donate) the candy your family doesn’t like. If you’re going to add in some treats, at least make them things you enjoy.
  2. Don’t deprive yourself. If you know you’re allowed 1600 calories per day , there is no reason that you can’t have two mini’s for appx. 150 calories. 10% of your day’s calories from a bit of “junk” won’t undo the other 90%. The problem is that, without monitoring your intake, you are positively sure to overeat.
  3.  If you have any trigger candy, you need to throw them away or get rid of them.  For me, this used to be Kit Kats.  If I had one, there was a 600% chance I would eat more if they were there.  Twix?  Ate one, moved one.  If you have a candy that you can’t seem to stop eating, don’t start eating it.
  4. Out of sight, out of mind. My wife brought home a family (read: just for me) bag of m & m’s, and it took 3 weeks for me to eat it, AND I even shared some Am I some sort of delicious-chocolate-hating-evil-person? No! I just made it super inconvenient. to mindlessly eat. I kept it in the bag, with a zip-tie, in the grocery bag in came in, and in a drawer I never look at. When I did take it out, I grabbed the amount I wanted, and put it away. If that was in a stupid bowl sitting on my counter, those little delicious bites would’ve been gone in 2 days, tops.
  5. Get outside with your family! The amount of walking you’d do, as a family, is important. You suck it up for a bunch of individually served candy, you can do it more often. As it gets colder, and as you get older, we move less. That reason right there is the number one reason we attribute old age to fat gain. We get older, we don’t move. If you had fun walking around with the family for 2 hours grabbing candy, can you make it a habit to go on a family walk for 1/2 that time each day? Or even 30 minutes three times per week? It all adds up!

Together, we can build a Strong, Happy, and Healthy community.

It starts with us, and trickles down very quickly to our kids. There’s no reason to not enjoy yourself, but having a plan is the difference between enjoying yourself, and regretting it later. The choice is yours.


Looking for professional fitness and nutrition coaching to get Strong, Happy, and Healthy and accomplish all your goals this holiday season?  Reach out to us here to get the conversation going.