It’s no secret that Edge has the best, fun, caring,  and results driven Personal training in Cary and McHenry County.  That’s why the other day, Edge Fitness went to the Cary community expo to help spread the word on health and fitness, and share our individual personal training model. While there, this 5 year old little girl came up to our booth with her mom and started chatting away.  Needless to say, her words carried a ton of wisdom I think we can all learn from. 

Here were the highlights:

Focus Friday April 29 2016












-Picked up a 26lb KB, then immediately tried to pick up an 80lb (our two KBs ….for show). Obviously didn’t move, so I helped her. You should’ve seen the look of accomplishment on this little girl’s face when ‘she’ lifted it up.

Lesson: Getting stronger is empowering, always.

Deadlift 155 Girls

-She said, “that must’ve weighed almost as much as me!” so I asked her how much she weighed (because that number is only perceived as a negative once we start messing with kid’s heads and assigning value based on it….she, however, did NOT do this).



“Well, the question is not how much do I weigh, but how much water have I drank, and how much water makes me up, because as you know, the body is 70% water, so really i’m filled up with water up to….here (points at ribs)”

Lesson: Scale might have some value, but didn’t define HER value. Her wit and intelligence did.


-Asked her about working out and playing, and she said “yepp, I do activities and workouts every single day….I try to get my mom to do them, (her mom was standing right next to her), but SHE doesn’t ever want to do it with me”

April 29 2016 Misty pushupsLesson: Your kids are watching, always. You have a chance to fix most of the issues they’ll have without saying a thing, and simply BEING the thing they need the most. Obviously her parents were doing a good job b/c this little girl was pretty astonishingly observant and intelligent.


She then went on to grab a tootsie roll lollipop,saying, “a little junk never hurts anyone, I eat mostly very nutritious foods”, asked if we had any candy, then walked away.


Damn. I think she just solved like 99% of people’s wrong attitude towards fitness.  Cary, we just got schooled by a five year old. Time to step up our game and make sure we get this game right from now on.  Whether its personal training, group training, bootcamp, or fitness in general, make sure you’re focusing on winning the major games like this little girl did, and don’t get hung up in the minor details.   Together, we can make Cary a fit, strong, and healthy community.