Work to live, don’t live to work.  

This is a phrase tossed around all the time, and something I never really understood until recently.  Especially because it applies to so much more than simply working, and living (duh!)

After all, the work me and my team are doing at Edge doesn’t really F-E-E-L like work, it feels like being truly alive.  When you’re obsessed with something bigger than yourself, like helping hundreds of McHenry County residents find their true strength and building themselves up into the hero of their own story like we are, it’s really hard to stop.

But, there has to be a balance.  

To be clear, I don’t think 50-50 or 33-33-33 works, at least not 100% of the time.  Usually when things are in perfect harmony, not a lot gets done.

Sometimes i’m 90-10 in the business, and 10% in all other aspects of my life.

When this happens though, things start to slip….relationships suffer, my body and recovery suffers (sounds backwards, but contrary to insta-famous fitness models, running a transformation based fitness business is actual work, not working out 5 hours a day), and my quality of life goes down.

Edge runs great, though.

So, to balance this out, I go through phases where i’m “all-in” at home.  Cleaning, more quality time, hell, just more down time in general.

The balance is still skewed way too far into Edge life, but, what can I say, i’m not perfect, and i’m obsessed with help people.  But, at least now it’s pretty balanced over time.

And that’s what it has to be — a balance over the long haul, not all at once.

How can you apply this to your life? How can you strike a balance–not today, but over time?

Do this:

What part of your life is really not where you want it to be right now?

For many of us, it’s our bodies.  Relationships are good, work is great, and life is fun…but our bodies need some work.

If that’s the case, focus all of your effort and energy into changing the balance in favor or body changes.  Yes, there is a time for moderation, but to make a change, ya gotta change.

Maybe you say “no” to family pizza night a few times.   Maybe you skip out the social hour drinks.  And maybe you get 5 workouts a week in when its only convenient to do 2-3.  That’s OK, for now.

Make a change, change the balance, and balance things out over time.  Trying to balance things equally will not produce enough of as stimulus to change.

At Edge, we talk about an integrative approach to health, fitness, strength and fat loss.  But here’s the thing–if you never dive in head first, you won’t know what any of those things look like.  Pretending that social lives, family lives, work, etc and fitness and fat loss are mutually exclusive is absolutely insane, because they are utterly codependent.

In order to force change, you have to shake up the balance.  Here are three things you need to change in order to get the outcome you desire…

  1. Track your food.  People might think it’s funny, but just pretend like you’re on facebook. They don’t have to know, and everyone is on their damn phone all the time anyway.
  2. Say no to alcohol.  Have a drink, then move on.  If you’re drinking more than 5 drinks a week on a fat loss diet, good luck.  For some people, 0-2 is a better number.  Like I said, this isn’t about balance at first.
  3. Eat way less.  This means saying “no” to a lot of good food, pre-deciding on your goals and choices if you must eat out, and getting the job done.

If you can do these things, you can start to shift the balance in the other direction.  Fat loss needs more focus than maintenance, so let’s get it done!

All the best,

Mike & the Edge Fitness Team