As we close out our first year of 12 full OUTworkers of the Month, I can’t help but reflect on the amazing people we’ve had earn this title.

Men and women, athletes and adults, long timers and those new to the Edge family, everyone is eligible to win the OOTM award!


Question is…what makes an OUTworker of the Month? 

In order to fully appreciate this, I think it’s important to first understand where the term even came from.  The story is a long one, but I can shorten it up so that our awesome editor and graphics lady, Mary, doesn’t have to make this too small 😉

Basically,  the term Outwork as it it used in Edge comes from way back when I started Edge.  Before even, it was actually when I was just a one on one trainer renting space from a local gym. In business, in training, in coaching, I didn’t possess any special abilities.  I’m not insanely brilliant.  I don’t have the genetics of a super fit/lean person naturally.  I don’t have any family in their own business to “show me the ropes”.  I didn’t have some massive investment to burn through when I wanted to start Edge (I had a, very gracious and very awesome, 15k loan from my grandparents). 

No.  I possessed no special skills other than the ability to OUTwork everyone else around me.  Especially myself.  The harder I worked yesterday, the more motivated I was to OUTwork that person. 


And that’s where it came from, in a nutshell.  When I realized that life isn’t about competing with others, but rather outworking and out hustling the person you were the day before, I realized that this was my unique ability.  I could not be OUTworked, because the way I viewed my own work ethic was that it always needed to grow, or else I was failing.

So, enough about me, and the background of the words we break down with…what does it MEAN to be an OUTworker of the Month?

Well, I think from the definition of what the term even means, it’s pretty clear that there is no clear cut definitions for what it means, because it’s completely based on the individual, and on growth. 

Consistency, growth, progress, and personal development are the main features we look for in an OUTworker.

For some, that’s a total 180* transformation, 50lbs of fat lost, and a new outlook on life.

For others, that’s consistently making it in 4x/week for a few months, and finally losing the last few pounds.

Mary B&A

It could even be about overcoming a major life (inside the gym or outside) obstacle that would’ve taken a lesser version of yourself and put you in a rut/bad place.  But the new you, the OUTworker inside of you, overcame it!

And for some, it’s about finding something positive to release stress, and to finally have a happy place (that isn’t a health-killing habit, as so many “happy places” tend to be).

So you see, being an OUTworker of the Month doesn’t have to mean being the next transformation on the wall.  It is so much more than that, and that’s why we celebrate these unique types of successes and triumphs each month.