At Edge, most of our members are between 35 and 55, and have some serious fitness and fat loss goals.  So it makes sense that we spend a great deal setting fitness, fat loss, and health goals with hundreds of men and women in Cary and McHenry county.  The thing is, there is one, overarching them that is  a surefire way to make sure you’re miserable the entire time you aim for a body transformation, or even just to generally feel better. Want to know what it is?

Make your goal, either explicitly, or internalized, as looking how you did when you were 18-20.

This concept is misguided for three reasons:

1) You probably had a lot more time and mental energy to allot then. You didn’t have a mortgage, taxes, kids, a marriage, a complex job, and you probably were a ton more vain, so when choices needed to be made, the stakes were perceived to be higher, and your compliance was better.

Now obviously getting older makes the stakes higher to workout and stay in shape, but it’s easy to see why this gets misconstrued as not being the case. You can SEE how aesthetically pleasing you are in a mirror. You probably can’t see that you get tired playing with your kids, how your low confidence is affecting your marriage, or how you avoid stairs, because knees and energy and the other issues you want to fix with workout out.  

2) You might not have been in the shape  you remember in the first place. And, if you were, you might not’ve done things in a way that respects your body and your health.

When I poll people, it seems that nearly every guy claims they had 6% body fat because of some 100 dollar a month supplement from the vitamin store that got banned when they were 20, and nearly every woman had an eating disorder.

Guys, unless you were a bodybuilder, this isn’t the case, and ladies…why is this the goal you’re going back to?

You all deserve so much better than that. At Edge we break it down like this:

You eat to lose fat slowly, safely, and efficiently, while learning habits to continue to stay at a fitter, leaner, and healthier you once you strip the fat off.

You train to be strong, have energy, be capable, build lean, sexy muscle, and just to overall stave off the side effects of getting older.

It’s really that simple. If you’re stuck, shoot us an email and let me know how we can help.

Cheers to a sexy tomorrow, not a child-like version of your young adulthood,