Workouts and leggings go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Every woman knows the “see through check”. You know, when you go to the store to get a nice new pair of workout leggings, and have to try them on, and bend over in the mirror to see if you can see your booty  straight through your pants.. Then when you find the right pair, that don’t slide down, have the right waist band, are a comfortable stretchy material, are thick enough that you don’t have to be self conscious about bending over… the list goes on and on…

So we did the work for you. Here are some of our clients favorite workout leggings based on price and overall quality. We broke them up into  categories; leggings on a budget, spoil yourself on a budget, and treat yo self. Our ladies found that Lululemon, Athleta, and Old Navy have the best quality.

Good Workout Leggings.

If your trying to get leggings without breaking the bank, Old Navy has a wonderful selection of sizes and prices. We all know they also have some pretty stellar sales a few times a year, and sometimes, they even include active wear! Their normal pricing ranges from $15 to $40, depending on the style you are looking for. What I really like is that they have to option of length. So you can get a regular length, or petite. Having short legs, makes putting these tight suckers even more of a challenge. Due to the extra fabric, I never know if I should bunch them up at the ankles, or pull the waistband all the way up to my bra. They also give options to fit every shape and size, all the way up to a size XXL, which means they fit anyone up to a size 20. Now, the quality… They have nice thick waist bands so you never feel uncomfortable about your tummy. Old Navy’s leggings also have a thicker material so you don’t have to be worried about the “see through check”. So solely, based on quality, without breaking the bank. These are the ones!


Now, Athleta is a little bit more expensive, ranging from $40-80.  But because they are an active wear store, they have way more options than Old Navy, and offer casual clothes that don’t look like activewear. So you end up feeling cute and comfy! Their pants are also lined with Lycra, so they wash nicer and hold their stretch just a bit longer than other leggings. Sizes range from 00-18 and offer regular, tall, petite and plus size. With plus size range from 16-22.. Fun fact; Gap owns Old Navy and Athleta. So you are getting the fantastic size options of Old Navy but have a slightly better quality, and way more options, especially with their everyday clothing line. Personally, I like these leggings the most because of the style options. My favorite is the High Rise Chaturanga to Town tights. They have plenty of colors and patterns to choose from….and they have pockets!  For slightly more money, you have a better pair of leggings that will last longer than cheaper alternatives. Totally worth it!

The Best Workout Leggings:

And now for the king of leggins, *drumroll pleasssssee*, Lululemon. When you literally live in leggings, these might not be your everyday kinda leggings, because they’re not cheap.  Then again, if you live in them, you probably have a whole thing about being comfy all the time. So maybe these would be more than just workout leggings.  Your call!

When you put these bad boys on, you’re gonna feel like you died and went to heaven, got a butt lift, are somehow walking around with no pants,and lost 10lbs all at the same time.The material is so silky smooth due to one of their types of fabrics; Luxtreme. They give a normal pair of leggings that silky smooth feeling, and give your legs a nice smooth look. They also offer all their styles in a less athletic, more versatile, cotton fabric called Full-on Luon. The Full-on Luon is a 4 way stretch that is sweat wicking. So you will never feel sweaty during a workout.  Workout leggings FOR THE WIN!

Whether you’re looking to live in your leggings or looking for a pair to throw on and head to the gym, now you know where your effort shopping should be spent.  Lululemon will forever keep your legs looking smooth and sleek, Athleta is nicer and holds up well, and Old navy will give you a great bang for your buck!  Whatever you select, now you know you can hit your workouts in leggings that will show the world you’re comfy, you work hard for your thighs and booty.  But, you know, without actually letting people know what color underwear you have on.  


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