“Lifting weights isn’t the look i’m going for”
“I don’t want to get bulky”
“I don’t want big arms”
“I don’t want to get too muscular.”

These are things we hear on a weekly basis either from clients, people looking for a gym to join, friends, or even family members. There is a fear that lifting weights will cause you to gain more muscle than you would like, and give you a look that you do not want.

At Edge, we understand that fear and would never give someone an exercise program that would go against their own personal goals. But here’s the simple truth: You will not wake up one day and suddenly have so much muscle that you are unhappy with the way you look.

It is not that easy to add that much muscle mass that quickly. It takes years and years of very specific diet and training (and sometimes illegal drugs) to look the way a bodybuilder does on stage. Then it takes a very specific diet and water protocol to cut all excess water and bloat, the right lighting, and the right fake tan. In fact, a lot of people try and are unsuccessful. If you aren’t training for it specifically, it will not happen by accident. I promise you.

You can lift weights and not look too bulky.  It’s actually harder to get to that look than you think.  Like, way harder.

Mary deadlifted 225 at 50 years young. And looks like THAT in a bikini. After two kids.
Strength training, people. 🙂

Lifting weights has so many benefits, and shying away from it out of fear of getting too muscular is far too common. A lot of our clients want to look more toned. All toned really means is more muscle definition, which means less fat covering up the muscles. If you’re losing weight, and not lifting weights to challenge your muscles, you will lose muscle along with fat. If you are losing both, you aren’t getting any closer to toning. Having more muscle also means your body will burn more calories. So not only will lifting help you hold on to the muscle, it will help you burn more calories which will in turn help you lose more fat.

As you age, your body slowly loses muscle mass. This means less calories burned, difficulty in daily activities (getting up off the floor, picking up grand-kids, picking up something dropped on the floor), pain in unstable joints, and a greater risk for injury inducing falls. Lifting also strengthens your bones, tendons, and ligaments along with your muscles. If their was a miracle drug to slow the aging process, it’s benefits would look a lot like the ones you get from strength training a few times a week. Plus no super long list of potential terrifying side effects. If this sounds like a program you need, Edge Fitness can help.

If you want to get stronger, move better, lower your risk for about a bazillion different diseases, and just all around feel better; I highly encourage you to get in the gym and pick up some weights.

-Coach Matt

P.S. – And if you do happen to stumble upon a move or a program that does get you really muscular, really fast, let me know.  That’s a program I can get behind.