Chance are good, you’ve been there.  I know I have.

Achey back.  Tweaked shoulder.  Pulled hamstring. 

Nothing major, nothing injurious, but definitely enough something to make you aware that maybe what you did in the gym wasn’t the best thing for you. 

In our gym, the coaches do our best to minimize the risk with our coaching, and we do a pretty good job of it. 

This is the type of injury we do our best to prevent...everyone should do their part as well!

This is the type of injury we do our best to prevent…everyone has to do their part as well!

However, the one key difference between our results based group personal training and one on one training (besides the huge cost difference) is that our coaches can’t scrutinize your every move.  To say anyone could, for that matter, would be a flat out lie. 

So, what does this mean for you as a client at Edge?  Simple.

When the Coach says something, you should pick one of two choices:

Listen to it and get great results.


Listen to the advice, question why, learn something, and then get great results.

These should be one of the only two things you do when you’re paying for someone to make sure you’re doing things correctly.   Where coaching falls short in a large group setting is that we cannot watch 100% of the time (although we do offer one on one training, the cost difference is 3x more then our group training).  Our system is to assess, correct, check the first 2-4 reps (depending on the set) then move on to another member in need.   This, of course, compared to a big class promising results with no coaching and no assistance other than to “work harder!” is what sets us apart. 

What you do next while finishing that set we just corrected is largely up to you.  This concept, known as auto-regulation, is imperative to your success at any gym.

If your coach tells you to stay at that weight or move down, and then moves on, what do you do?

Think “bah, what do they know about my body” and add 20lbs? 

ignoring advice

Or do you listen to them and get results of the movement without tweaking your shoulder?

If you know you were very sore from  this workout last week, and your coach tells you to skip the finisher, or to roll out while the rest of the group finishes up, do you —

say “psh, I need to SWEAT and BURN CALORIES, I’m going to do 5 more sets!”

Or do you go and foam roll to get loose and prepare for the next movement without the added busy work?

Sometimes, crazy things in the gym and with our bodies can and do happen.  But often times, they are self inflicted, or at the very least, preventable with proper planning.  We all know the horror stories of a trainer pushing people too hard, but at Edge, we usually find the opposite to be true—our members do a great job of pushing, and we get to keep the reins pulled in.  If you’re unsure of how well you fit into this category, ask yourself, am I listening to my coach, asking questions, and learning, or am I doing things they advise against and putting myself at unnecessary risk of injury?