When it all boils down to it, the real reason any of us struggle to achieve our goals is that we’re just not consistent enough.

There are some things that are painfully evident but we just don’t want to admit.   I think it has to do with taking responsibility.   Being in the driver’s seat is a scary place when you don’t have faith in your ability to control a vehicle.  So, we create parameters we don’t need, and when we break them, we blame them…Whenever a diet fails, it’s not your fault.  It can’t be.  Instead, it looks something like this:

If you’re on a low carb diet, you can blame the carbs you ate.red-question-mark_10862716

If you’re on a paleo diet, you can blame all the processed foods you had.

If you’re on a super low calorie diet, you blame one stressful event that led you to eat 3000 calories when you get home from work.  (but it just happened once this week, so you should still lose weight, right?)

A  fasting, carb cycling, all-natural, macro tracking diet….yeah, your server brought you the wrong type of water and messed your entire  day of eating up.

And so the story rolls on and on.

And most likely, you’re going to talk to your friends about how you lost ten pounds on this crazy restrictive diet, but you feel awesome.  They’ll go try it, and a week later you’ll fall so hard off plan you gain all ten pounds back in a week, but don’t tell your friend.  Your friend does the same to another friend.   And the newest fad diet rolls on and on.

So, what can we do about it?   What can you do about it?

First, it’s important to realize that it’s not your fault.  Well, it actually is your fault, but it’s not your fault that you fall victim to all these super hard nutritional fails.  That fault belongs to the people who want to overly complicate a nutrition plan that can be simple, reasonable, and (dare I say) pretty easy to follow, in order to sell you something.

If any of those above examples of diet failures sounds like you, I want to apologize on behalf of the fitness industry.  You see, it can be a wonderful, helpful industry that shows people not only how to look better naked, but also how to be healthy and maybe even add some quality to the lives of those involved.  But, it also confuses people. 

So, I guess i’m writing this piece in order to save everyone a bunch of headaches.  If it seems to simple, just remember that I didn’t sell you anything because these are just facts.  Not accountability, keeping you consistent, and monitoring you, although our gym does that pretty darn well, too.

No, i’m just here to help.  Ready? Here we go.

The easiest fitness plan you will ever see, for free:

  1. Monitor your caloric intake.  As a general rule, multiply your bodyweight x 11 for women and 13 for men.  If you’re very active and otherwise lose weight easily, add +1  to that number.  If you’re very inactive or 30+ lbs overweight, subtract -1 to that number.   That total is the calories you’ll eat every single day.   It does get more involved, but for right now it doesn’t have to.


    Using apps like My Fitness Pal or Fat Secret make accountability easier.

  2. Lift weights 1-3x/week.  Lifting weights helps preserve the muscle you have if you’re losing weight, and maybe even add some nice tone and shape to your body as you lose the fat/weight you don’t want.

    Crix & Freya

    These are my dogs, and they are fit and healthy because they get walked plenty 🙂

  3. Get movement in 5-6x/week.  This one is a killer for people.  You can include your lifting if you want,
    so that leaves 3-4x/week.  These days are option days.  If you want to run around the park with your kid, awesome.  If you want to walk your dog, great.  Use you lunch break to walk around with the coworkers?  Sweet!  Go do a class or Fat Blast session like we have at Edge?  Yes, do it.   Go for a jog, or dominate that elliptical for a while?    Get it done.
    Doesn’t matter what you do.  The third most important step is to keep moving, and do it consistently.

Now, some of these things are very simplified, but they will 100% work.  We see it work all the time with our clients at Edge. 

What if you’ve been doing these things right and want to work a little smarter? 

Here’s 3 of the SECOND easiest fitness tips you’ll ever see, also for free:

1.  Eat to the same calories as above, but also take your bodyweight and multiply it x .8 (that’s BW x 0.8).  That’s how much protein you should probably eat.  Eating protein isn’t going to make you hulk out;  it’s just going to keep you full, and help preserve the muscle you have. Having enough muscle to DISLIKE your body takes a lot more time and a lot more effort of harder work than having too much fat, so don’t sweat it. 

*bonus:  increasing protein automatically makes the choices you make, better.  It’s harder to fit in non-filling foods that take up a lot of your calories when you have to get protein in. 

2) Keep lifting weights 1-3x/week.  But, remember that lifting weights is progressive.  The same weights, sets, and reps each week will make sure you have the same body. If that’s your goal, cool.  If not, move the chains forward each time you workout…could be an extra rep, an extra 5lbs, etc.  It doesn’t have to be much, but it should be forward, consistently.   Use a journal or binder or app to write down what you’ve been doing, and track it and move forward each time you go to the gym. 

3) Move more.  Keep doing things like playing with your kids at the park and taking your dogs for a walk, but don’t count it towards your movement for the day.  Instead, make those part of your routine, and spice it up with some cardio sessions.  These will become more effective calorie burns, which is what you want. 

The thing is, this doesn’t sell a book very well.  It doesn’t make you feel good about buying a $27 e-book, or a “customized for you” instagram-program that has everyone doing the exact same plan while some already-fit person sips vodka water on the beach laughing it up.

It’s not sexy.  But, if you do this very simple, very concise plan long enough, you sure as hell will be. 

Whenever I tell a new client at Edge that there are no secrets, we’re just gonna help you do these things better, for longer, I can tell right away if they’re our people, and if they get it. 

I wish there were secrets.  As someone who has struggled with weight for most of my life, I really do. 

But there just aren’t any.  So, rather than fight it, i’m going to help freakin’ everyone that wants it, get it.     But we’re gonna do it the right way. 

I hope you are, too.

Yours truly,

Mike Spagnola

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