For some people, success is all about metrics.  I know I’m one of them.  For me, it’s body fat percentage, waist measurements, and weight (both on the scale and on the barbell).  Tracking, numbers, metrics… all of these are variables that I can control and understand.

But what if I told you there was an entire other set of metrics we love to use that you can’t measure this easily?

There’s a reason our wall is filled with powerful words that we all use to gauge success…leadership, commitment, courage. Things that don’t appear: size 4 dress, 130lbs, lose 100lbs. All those things are great, but are just a byproduct of being successful!

What if I told you they are likely even more important then the ones we can measure.

Because they are.

What if you have never worked out in your life before? Isn’t simply walking into Edge a big success?

What if you quit every fitness program you ever tried within 90 days? If you’re celebrating your year of being a part of the Edge family, isn’t that cause for celebration?

And if you were used to going home at 430pm and being exhausted, but now you use your 5pm session to recharge your day, OUTwork, and have tons more energy, what chart is going to show that?  But isn’t that a HUGE accomplishment? 

And, what about lacking the confidence to even join a gym, but now you’re one of the many Edge clients comfortable enough to sing along to whatever music is playing, and maybe even helping out with the newer people?  How amazing are you for doing THAT?

Pretty amazing.

But the problem is that we’re told we have to, or want to, or even need to get to certain numbers in order to be successful. “I NEED to weigh 130,” or, “I should fit into a size 6,” or, “I need to gain 10 pounds of muscle to look good this summer”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, all of these goals have their time and place in your training program…but if these are the only metrics you use to measure your success, you’re negating the BEST and longest lasting effects of being part of our culture – gaining confidence, happiness, and the ability to love yourself even more then you used to!

So, go ahead and count macros, increase weight, and measure your waist. Really, do it.  These are important tools.  But also measure how you feel when you workout, or in some cases even walk in the door of Edge. 

What we’re doing here is much more, and I give you FULL permission to judge yourself based on metrics that aren’t easily measured, but easily felt and realized.  Go ahead, be a success.  You deserve it.

All the best,

Mike Spagnola