Kids Fitness

Because it’s easier to build strong kids than it is to fix broken adults.

The first time I heard this from my friend Nic Peterson, a gym owner in Florida, I was floored, but this concept rings so true.  The constant, thematic reasoning behind everything kids food, to structured kids sports, to the hectic lifestyles most of us lead,  give the outward appearance of doing it “for the kids” but in reality leaves kids craving some of the things they want more of–attention and leadership from loving parents, and moving around/playing more!

After years of training some of the most successful athletes in Cary and McHenry county, we decided to shut the doors to new athletes and focus exclusively on training kids that aren’t in organized sports.  Why?  Well, two reasons…

First, off-season training only trains kids to believe fitness is seasonal.  It is nearly impossible for us to teach kids how to stay consistent when we see them three months a year.  We think fitness should be done consistently, and for a long time.  In this way, we help kids develop a great relationship with fitness.

Second, these kids are under-represented in weight rooms.  The only reason I joined football in high school was to be able to workout with kids my age (sorry, dad).  I loved the workouts more than the practice, but it was my way in.  I recognize that not every kid will be this bold, or even believe that fitness is for them, and that’s just dead wrong.  Fitness is for everyone–especially kids who don’t have an affinity for organized sports. 


So, can my son or daughter be in sports?

The answer is yes, they can be participating in some sort of organized sport. Our training no longer specializes in any sort of specificity, and we strongly discourage short term, off-season training only.   If your kid is in 7 different hockey leagues, 3 different lacrosse clinics, 5 travel baseballs teams, and has 15 cheer competitions each month, then we are not likely the gym for them.  There are gyms that specialize in this sort of thing, but we are not one of them.

Parents, your Kids are watching you.

I know, spending tons of money for the best ipads and most exclusive Lacrosse clubs is the most well intentioned parent’s idea of perfect parenting.  But so much research is available to suggest that, more than anything, our kids need great, present, leadership based parenting.

To us, a big part of ‘showing up’ for our kids is to make sure they see us leading a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why our Youth Fitness program gets over 50% cheaper when you become a member, too.  We want your son/daughter to see the process and believe in themselves, and a big way we help with this to to get their leader, their parents, to go through the process and believe in themselves, too.

Be the example you wish you had growing up.


Tristan Throw“I joined Edge two years ago.  I was the smallest guy on my football team. With the nutrition and training help from the Coaches at Edge, I gained 35lbs of muscle, and got the most touchdowns on freshman team.  I owe a lot of this to the strength and speed I got from training here”




“Edge has done more for me than any other program I have ever been enrolled in. I have learned how to lift properly to benefit my strength, balance, speed, and overall conditioning. Many people lift and lift and lift and get results but when they go to move their body they struggle to do real world tasks with their strength. Starting at the beginning of my experience, I realized it wasn’t just lifting that would improve my performance as an athlete. Mike designed a plan for me to change my lifestyle. I was already eating healthy, but I learned how to eat properly to perform. Mike created a great meal plan that kept my body properly fueled for excellent output in the gym and on the track. I learned how to keep my body safe from injury through mobility techniques like stretching and rolling out. I learned how to handle injury and how easily it can be prevented. What mike taught me that I took most importantly is that we are in control of our lives. We control the weight we lift. We control what we eat.”



Justin started Edge nearly two years ago in July 2015.  In that time, he’s lost over 15lbs of fat, and added 20lbs of lean muscle.  His wrestling coach himself said that Justin is the “strongest and best wrestler on the team”.  Proper nutrition and smart, progressive training got him there.

EB State Champ




Eric Barone, State Champ from Crystal Lake South, trained at Edge for two years. In-season training kept him strong and healthy, and off-season training got him stronger and more powerful.  The result?  He moved up the chain for two years to take the title of State Champ.  Eric now trains at a Division one University for Wrestling.




So, will you train athletes….like, at all?

We will consider working with athletes on a case by case basis, and via 1 on 1 personal training only.  To get more information, email Mike directly at

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