Men’s Fitness

What is the Men’s Fitness program?

If you’re like most guys, you:

  1. Know you should work out
  2. Don’t have a lot of time to do it
  3. Aren’t sure what to do, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on personal training

From the ground up, this program was designed to give busy men a training experience effective enough to get results in as little as 2-3 hours a week, along with the nutrition education and support needed to make drastic, life-changing transformations no matter your lifestyle.

Is this the right program for me?

Everyone who joins Edge Fitness comes in motivated by different reasons, but many of our members share at least one (or more) of the following goals:

You want to lose weight

Rudy Egler- Intern“I joined Edge because I had to lose over 100lbs in order to become a police officer.  It was a tough goalto even think about it, but I was guided and motivated every step of the way.  I’ve since lost 130lbs, and passed every police POWER (physical test) i’ve had to take.  Without Edge, I would still weigh 350lbs or more, and would not be on my way to becoming a police officer.  The team at Edge has helped me so much, I interned and am on my way to helping others reach their goals as an Edge Coach.”

-Rudy E.

You want to get healthy and build Muscle


Jeff B.

“I did some due diligence prior to joining Edge.  What I liked most about the program is that they know how to build strength and muscle.  They do not try to over complicate things.  Their method is simple, but based on exhaustive work the team has done to make sure it works and they have proof.  In 4 months I have surpassed all my previous lifting weights and I know there is still so much more to go.  I think my success is due to the time they spend with you, every set and exercise is meticulously critiqued and improved.  I have been benching for 10+ years and they have corrected things that I never knew about, which have helped improved strength and most of all prevented what could be injuries.

To put it in a few words, Edge does not let you fail.  They will go out of your way to be a part of your journey.  To be honest, at times I feel as though they are more excited for me that I am.  This is a place that picks you up and makes you feel good and you walk out every day happier and better than then when you walked in.”

-Jeff B.


You’re tired of feeling achy and worn down all the time

“When  I first discovered edge I was at a point in my life where health and fitness had taken a back seat to work.  I always tried to  live a healthy lifestyle, but long hours on the job made fitness a pretty low priority of mine. Trying to find the time or motivation to workout was next to impossible even though in my mind I knew I needed to.

When I walked into edge, it only took one session to make me realize I had made the right decision and that I was on my way to the lifestyle change I needed.  Health and fitness had become one of my top priorities and I don’t want to say it was easy but the staff at edge certainly made it feel that way. They’re not just trained professionals, they’re supportive and always anxious and excited to help you set and achieve your goals.  Because of them I am stronger and in better shape at the age of 31 then I have been in all my life.  Even after the longest days of work when I feel like I have no energy, the thought of going to edge and getting in a workout picks me up and I’m ready for it. I train 3 times a week and the results have been unbelievable. For me edge is more than just a gym, it’s a family.”

-Chris S.



You need to get healthy

Tim C

“I joined Edge for two reasons.  The first was that my teenage son was having better success at Edge than I was at a local fitness center.  Secondly, I needed to prepare for a knee surgery well-known for its difficult recovery process.  The Edge approach to strength and fitness turned out to be ideal for me (50+ with years of joint problems due to high school and college athletics).  It accommodated my level of fitness and my goals.  I spent 5 months preparing for surgery as well as enhancing my overall fitness level.  I have lost weight, increased muscle mass, achieved better muscle and joint flexibility and had far more fun doing it than I have ever experienced before at a fitness center.  My post-op experience was far better than anticipated and my surgeon refers to me as his “poster child” for this knee surgery.  I recovered faster than anticipated and was able to stop taking pain-killers and other drugs far sooner than most patients.  I attribute this to the work I did at Edge and will continue to do.”

-Timothy C.

You’re busy and don’t have a lot of time

“As an engineer commuting over an hour away each way, time is sparse. Edge solves the Mark Mpreviousproblem i’ve had of not being able to get in the shape I wanted because it just took to long. At Edge it’s different. The coaches make sure we move, and our workouts are usually under an hour.  Since joining, i’ve put on 30lbs of muscle, have abs, and have a solid plan to follow that integrates with my life, doesn’t dominate it.  The other members are supportive of all fitness levels and the coaches modify everything to make sure it fits your goals.”

-Mark M.

 What do I get?

While there are several program options you can choose from based on schedule and preference, everyone who joins this program gets:

  • A full personal fitness assessment to determine your goals and the quickest way to get there. Everyone begins with their initial assessment, where you will have the chance to describe your goals, what has and has not worked for you in the past, and what you need from us to make sure those goals become a reality.
  • New exercise programs every 3-6 weeks so you are always making progress and never getting bored. One thing most men mention about other programs that haven’t worked is they get bored easily from doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Nutrition assistance and body measurements so you can track your fat loss and muscle building progress – and know what to eat to accelerate both. No matter your lifestyle , there are ways to improve your eating habits.
  • Support from other guys like you – no one has to do it alone. One of the best aspects of the Men’s program is the friendships that form during training. You’ll be training with other guys in the same situation as you, which can help keep you motivated and learn new strategies to overcome issues you may have.

How do I get started?

Still wondering if this program is for you? Our success strategy session is designed to build you a custom program that helps you reach your goals.

  1. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about men’s fitness training at Edge Fitness and see if it’s right for you
  2. That’s it!  Once you do, you’re on your way to a stronger, happier, and healthier, YOU!

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