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What training options do you have for Women’s Fitness?

No matter where your health and fitness is, there’s no better time than now to make a change. By getting started with a customized training program with professional supervision, you can be sure you’ll see results as quickly as possible – without having to figure it out on your own or doing the same thing year after year.

Is this the right program for me?

Everyone who joins the Edge Family comes in motivated by different reasons, but many of our members share at least one (or more) of the following goals:

You want to lose weight.

“I am 51 Mary B.years old. Over the 18 years since having children, I had gotten complacent with myself. I believed I was pretty average, and that everyone gains a little weight as they get older, it’s inevitable.  My goal was to transform my body. But I got so much more out of it than I ever  expected. I changed the way I thought about food. I changed the way I thought  about myself. I became someone who believed that I really CAN do anything.

A  true transformation is just that… it is not just of your body, it is of your mind and your soul and your life. If I can do it, absolutely ANYONE can. I lost 50 pounds,  over 25 inches and entered my very first bikini competition – all within one year of  joining Edge. I now enjoy the taste of good food, real food. I don’t always have to  think about what I eat because I crave the food that makes me feel good.  I  continue to set new goals and work towards them all with the support of an incredible coaching staff and a fun, engaging and motivational group of members.”

-Mary B.


You want to get strong so you can stay healthy.

AlexAnna K“Edge helped me get stronger and healthier by teaching proper weight lifting technique and creating dynamic training programs that kept me engaged and excited about lifting.

Personally, maintaining good physical health long term actually stems from my mental fitness. If I have the right mindset, it will be easy for me to create and achieve my physical goals. In that regard, Edge has been a great environment for me. The friendly atmosphere and consistently knowledgeable trainers make Edge feel like a family where you can grow and learn something new every day. I’m excited to come in every session, and I even wake up on my first alarm without hitting snooze….That’s true excitement! Edge makes working out seem like something I GET to do for my health, not something I HAVE to do.

To me, the trainers at Edge are outstanding because they not only explain the move, but also explain how the move contributes to my strength training. It makes a difference knowing exactly what muscles I’m focusing on for specific lifts. I’m growing mentally as well as physically.”

-Alexanna K.



Gina K“Since joining Edge, I have gained about 5-6 lbs of muscle mass. I also don’t look at the scale anymore as a way to see where I am going, not just because muscle weighs more than fat…but because I have transformed my body to be stronger and leaner…and I look *and* feel better, too. I have increased my chest size about 1″ (muscle / pecs), and I have decreased my waist, hip, and thigh size, too. I went from 125 lbs of non-strong, to about 135 lbs of looking leaner and trimmer…why? Because I have muscle to show for it, not starving or (running myself away.)”

-Gina K.


You want to be more active.

Britt“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started training at Edge.  I needed to lose weight, but really needed to find a program I would stick with to get the results I want.  No stranger to working out and working out hard, I completed intense training programs at home and am a runner.  However, I could not get into a regular consistent training schedule with any of these programs. I found I would burn out rather quickly and then not workout for a month or more after.  Edge has changed that for me!

I now find myself looking forward to each workout and hate to miss a session!  The why is quite simple: the trainers care about your success.  It’s not often you find a gym where you are greeted by name every time you show up!  Extra help is always available, whether it’s to answer questions about diet and nutrition or to modify a move if you cannot yet complete one during a session. If my motivation is lacking, I can count on the trainers to motivate me to push myself.  The positive atmosphere and energy in the gym are addicting and keep me coming back for more!”

-Britt K


You’ve never been able to find a fitness program that works for you.

“I’ve been a member of health clubs in the area for the past 14 years, but I barely visited the gym.  The fitness classes typically had 25-30 people in them and I never felt like I knew if I was moving correctly or if a weight was too heavy or light. I felt uncomfortable in such a large group and was usually so sore the next day I wouldn’t come back.  If I did, I would run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and call it day.
I have been attending Edge consistently 3-4 days a week for over 4 Aprilmonths now. My original goal was to lose weight, but after the first few weeks realized Edge was giving me so much more. Aside from a tighter bum and belly, I am building muscle (strength) and endurance (cardio). At 47, I have a renewed confidence I can get back into physical activities like water skiing and snow skiing that I enjoyed in my 20’s and 30’s.

At Edge, the fitness sessions are not too big nor too small. . The trainers know you by name, watch your form to make sure you are maximizing your workout and importantly, encourage you to push harder and celebrate your success. The staff and clientele are fun, encouraging and inspiring. I found my happy place.”

-April R.


You need help getting started.


Lisa N “I have always been an active person… Played sports my whole life…, but never learned how to lift because girls didnt lift! Ever since high school I ran to stay in shape, but I was sick of it and my body was at a plateau! After 3 kids I was looking for something new!  I was so nervous about lifting because I had no idea how my body would handle it or if I could even do it!

My first day I walked in and everyone was so friendly!! It truly is a family there and I felt included! The trainers are the best! They are so motivating and critique without insult! I never thought I would ever say this, but I LOVE going! I have seen my strength grow in just 3 months! I have lost inches off my waist and my muffin top is going away!! I have built up so much confidence that now I push myself to more weight and faster repetitions! I have more energy to play with my three kids when I get home from work. Edge really has changed me and has increased my confidence all around!”

-Lisa N.


How does the program work?

You will get:

  • A full personal fitness assessment to determine your goals and the quickest way toget there. Everyone begins with their initial assessment, where you will have the chance to describe your goals, what has and has not worked for you in the past, and what you need from us to make sure those goals become a reality.
  • New exercise programs every 3-6 weeks so you are always making progress and never getting bored. One thing most women mention about other programs that haven’t worked is they get bored easily from doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Nutrition assistance and body composition measurements so you can track your fat loss and muscle building progress – and know what to eat to accelerate both. No matter your lifestyle , there are ways to improve your eating habits.
  • Support from other women like you – no one has to do it alone. One of the best aspects of the Women’s program is the friendships that form during training.
  • Small group sizes and personal attention so always know you’re doing things the right way. Extra attention during your workouts means you’ll get great results and don’t have to worry about getting hurt.


How do I get started?

Still wondering if this is the right program for you? The  Success Strategy Session is designed to make sure you have a roadmap to a stronger, happier, and healthier, you!

  1. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about women’s fitness training at Edge Fitness and see if it’s right for you
  2. That’s it! Once you’ve filled out the form, you’ll come in and we’ll build you a plan that guarantees your success.  This plan is for you whether you decide to train with us or not!


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