Monday Motivation: Small Habits, Big Outcomes
One of the biggest misconceptions in transformations we see is that people think they need a massive overhaul to get results.
They think of eating 6x/day, working out every day, or several times a day, and never enjoying life.
That is simply NOT true at all!
The reality is that losing fat and being healthy and fit is a simple process, made difficult only because people want BIG changes super fast.
The truth is that these BIG changes are usually no sustainable.
We are a result of our habits. Everything we do is a program in our brain designed to make life and decision making as automatic and simple as possible.
Sometimes these are really useful (can you imagine having to think about how to chew and swallow food every time, or how much to turn the wheel of your car to make a right hand turn? Geez!)
And sometimes, they sabotage our results…like drinking a beer or two with dinner every single night, or grabbing a handful of M & M’s your co-worker keeps on her desk whenever you walk by…
By adding in small habits and trusting the process, you can be SURE your results will not only happen, but be real, long lasting, sustainable results.
Here are a few tips that we like to use:
1) Drink more water.
How much? Well, 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces if you’re less than 50lbs from your goal weight, and 1/2 your GOAL weight in ounces if you’re over 50lbs from your weight.
How do you do it? Simple:
Buy a water bottle and only use that to drink water from. I have a 32oz bottle that I fill 3x each day. Once in the early morning, once at around 12, and once at around 4. The goal is to not have to DUMP water out because it’s empty.

Water from first fill up over half way gone….and so is the second pot of coffee (small steps, remember? 🙂 )

This breaks down drinking water into a simple game that can be tracked and improved.
2) Schedule your workouts
One of the problems with a “come any time” model is that you have an easy excuse not to show up–you can go any time!
Chris Gatts prowler

Chris understands that what gets scheduled, gets done, so he uses the schedule to make sure he is always committed to getting his workout in. That’s also why he’s over 80lbs lighter than he was before his journey began.

The issue we see is that without being committed to your scheduled workout time, you’re FAR less likely to show up as often as you’d like.
This is something we tell all our clients–the ones who pre-plan their week, put themselves on the schedule, and MAKE time for their workouts, are the ones who get best results.
Not only because they’re making their workouts, but because they are getting used to the habit of making time for themselves.
This is mandatory of all our new clients, and something we have seen helps them in a BIG way.
3) Eat until you’re not hungry, not until you’re stuffed.
We borrowed this from our friend and coach in Ohio, Chad, who says that after each time you eat, you should be able to do a light cardio workout (think squats, jumping jacks, etc).

Me and Chad, the Coach I stole this tip from. Also note how much hair I had…oh, the good ol’ days (circa 2012)

Imagine doing that after Christmas Dinner…. “Yeah Right!”
totally fine.
After every meal though, or even a few meals a week? Don’t let it happen!
What’s one tip you use, or one question you want solved on habit building for fat loss and results? Drop a comment below and we’ll help you out!