It’s safe to say most of us aren’t 100% satisfied with our current situation.

Some of us are sick of being 30 pounds overweight.

Some of us are in pain from having awful posture and a bad back.

And some of us really want to put on some lean muscle to look good for summer.

Whatever the reason, whatever the goal, the outcome is usually the same.  Instead of working on progressing and moving toward our goal, we become scared because of all the excuses and reasons why we can’t that begin to creep in.  island-aloneSome of these excuses might seem silly to some people, but to you they’re very real, and they are keeping you from getting the results you want.

Well, the problem most of us have when we are faced with these excuses or reasons why we can’t, we tend to feel alone.  Isolated.  As if the rest of the world has left us on this little island because nobody can possibly understand what we are going through right now.

It’s a scary thought, but one that we can overcome to keep getting results. 

Think about it—are you really the first person to ever think:

“If I didn’t have all these parties and family obligations and work functions, I could easily diet and lose 30lbs.”

“If my work didn’t require me to be hunched over for hours on end, I’d have perfect posture and my back would never hurt.”

“If I had more time to get to the gym, i’d look so much better this summer, but i’m just too busy”

Of course you’re not!  It just feels that way because the reasons are personal to you, but look at these generic examples.  It’s not just your job, or your social life, or your home life…

You are not on an island.  You are not alone.

No matter what the obstacle/excuse/reason is that makes you feel that way, you aren’t alone.  Far from it.  At any given time, there are tens of thousands (or more!) of people in the world going through something very similar. 


Being alone sucks.  We are social creatures and this feeling of isolation during times of struggle cause us to feel incredibly alone. 

There is always someone going through this with you.  So many people are right there with you, you can form an army and BLAST that 30lbs off each and every one of your bodies.

Work functions and parties getting you down in spirits but not in weight?

How about the other 3 meals each day?  Even if you have a social event every single day (highly unlikely), you could still be eating 75% on your nutrition plan. Perfect? No, but it’s good enough to get you results!

Suffering from bad posture?  But every (dentist, plumber, desk office worker, etc) suffers from that, so unite!

How about setting a timer to stretch your hip flexors and open up your upper back every 10-20 minutes, or even every hour?  Can’t escape for that long?  Plenty of people are too busy for that too, so just set your phone to vibrate and set an alarm for every 10 minutes.  Every time the phone vibrates,  sit up as tall as you can. 

Trying to get to your workouts, but feel too busy?

How many other moms are busy too? Can you trade watching the neighbors kids while they workout?  Can you create a support group at the gym where you trade there?  Can your husband not hit the bar on Tuesday and Friday nights so you can get in then?  Look for a solution knowing this problem is happening to so many others, not just you!

Whatever the problem, rest assured that you are not alone.  There is no island of one, and its not just you going through it.  It might feel that way sometimes, but the solution to keep moving forward is to recognize all the others facing similar struggles. 

Can you rise up and be an example for them, or are you still convinced you’re on an island all alone?