Walk into the average gym, and what do you see?

Rows, rows, and more rows of two things:  cardio equipment (think treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and stair masters), as well as a row of some weight machines.

Now take a look at the average gym attendee’s workout—what are they doing with their precious time in the gym?

Chances are good they are going at a medium pace for 20-40 minutes on one of those cardio machines, and then doing one quick round of very light weight on those other body-part type machines.

Now, and just for a second so you don’t look creepy, look at their physiques…what do you see?

Chances are good that from month to month, or year to year, there are minimal to no changes in each and everyone one of them.  Even those who are there 3-5 times a week are not getting results.

Now, for the younger generations this may be tough to believe—just like in school, if you show up, you should get results, right?  Well, my 30+ readers know this just ain’t how it works. 

To get results, showing up is half the battle.

But the other half, the half that starts to matter once you make a habit of showing up, is exactly what these gyms DON’T want you to know.

There are two big way to change your body:

Being sensible in the kitchen.

I’m not even talking about eating like a bodybuilder, or like a robot.  I just mean eating sensible.  When’s the last time you did a food audit on yourself?  Are you eating like a 5 year old that just got a ten dollar bill and a free ride to the grocery store, or are you eating like an adult?

It astonishes me just how many adults eat like complete children.  Really, this is the ONE tip I’d give for losing fat—eat like an adult. 

What does this mean?

Fair question, as we’ve got it pretty backwards as a society.  The simple answer is to eat out packages less, make more of your own food, and eat more meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and yeah, even some whole grain pasta/rice/bread once in a while.

I guarantee if you give yourself a food audit, you’ll find some silly things in there that snuck their way in.  Time to stop guessing why you’re not getting results, and start fixing the root of the problem.

2) Learn how to Train, not just Workout

A workout lacks direction; a training session has a focus. 

A workout just “gets done”; a training session accomplishes a goal

Workouts don’t need intensity or much struggle; training sessions leave you feeling like you did something.

Put simply, a workout is something you can do while chatting with your friend, or reading a magazine, or while not getting too sweaty to swing by the store after it.


What a typical gym looks like rows and rows of cardio equipment

A training session isn’t.

Now, this looks different depending on your goals, but the common theme is effort.  If you feel like you just took something out of yourself and are investing it into getting better, if you’re walking around with a journal in the gym to track your progress, or with a specific goal in mind—you’re training, and it probably shows in your results.