No, I’m not going to sell you some energy drink that’ll help you get lean.

But, the reality is, there are three drinks out there that I drink pretty regularly that I know help me get lean, and they’ll probably help you too.

I’m not putting water in here, as you already know you should be drinking half of your bodyweight in ounces every day.  Plus, everyone was expecting water to be in here—where’s the fun in that?

Drink #1: ZERO calorie drinks (diet soda, zero calorie)

Diet sodas, etc are all zero calories, and will not affect your ability to lose weight like the sugary alternatives.  Many people get worried about drinking diet drinks because of false, non-scientific

I’ll say that again—zero calorie drinks will not add inches to your waist line.  If you have to drink something other then water, make it one of these choices.    

Drink #2: Protein Shakes

Yes, protein shakes have calories, but that’s not the point on this one.  The point here is that by drinking protein shakes after a workout, you can work hard  to preserve you hard earned muscle mass that you are training your butt off for. 

What does all this mean, exactly?  Well, notice when I talk about losing body fat, I say lean, not skinny?  To be lean, you have to have a little muscle! Not big and ‘bulky’ if that’s not what you’re into, just enough to look good without clothes on.  Who doesn’t want that?

Drink #3: Coffee

Coffee has gotten a bad rap for a while in the fitness industry, but hopefully that’s changing.   The truth is that coffee is great for fat loss because it is an appetite suppressant, it wakes people up for those early am workouts, warms up the body a little for the Illinois winter workouts, and just plain tastes awesome.

People mess this up by making every cup of coffee a calorie bomb with sugar, cream, mocha, caramel,  and whatever else.images (2)

Opt for some calorie free sweetener, and either 5 grams of coconut oil or a TBSP of half and half. This still adds 30-50 calories, but is much better then 100-400 calories in a usual latte or other coffee calorie bomb.

What do you think? Are you drinking your way lean yet?