Aaaaah results.  The defining moment of every fitness business.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a big chain gym, a small place training a few clients, or a over-sized fitness family, results are the driving force behind why people hit the gym.


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In order to truly answer the question, you first have to ask yourself, “what does it actually mean to get real results?  We don’t think the answer is quite so simple.

Many gyms prove how results driven their program is by highlighting all the weight loss successes their gym has.  And you know what?  We do it, too.


But I think that success, and real results are something much, much deeper.

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If you walk into a gym with crippling back and knee pain, and a year later are deadlifting safely, isn’t that a real result?

If you never stepped foot into a gym because you were too intimidated, and now over half your friends are from your gym, isn’t this a real result?


If you’ve been told that lifting will make you bulky, but here you are, at your goal pants size, doing chin ups and squatting 135lbs, what is that?

If you always have struggled with the abuse a scale brings into your life,because of past relationships, issues,  and after working out, yYisel Coachingou realize your body is chalked up to so much more, how can we say this isn’t a real result?

That’s a damn good question, and one that we don’t have the answer for.

Because as far as we are concerned, everything listed above are things we highlight out clients for. Hell, one of our most prestigious awards, the OUTworker of the Month, is an award based on these types of real results.

Losing 10lbs is awesome.  And we’ll help you do it.  But if that’s all we help you do, then I think we failed you, because we have far more than that to offer.

Dedicated to your success,

Mike Spagnola