Clients ask me almost every day, “Mike, what/how are you eating right now?”.

Being a former fatty that has transformed myself into a somewhat presentable member of the fitness world, I feel like diving right into what i’m doing right now. Sharing is caring, right?

But then I remember a few things about my eating that most people don’t and probably won’t understand.

I’m always a guinea pig.  I sample all nutrition framework FIRST before I dish them out.  Also, some of the eating methods I try DON’T work. 

I have a pretty good understanding of my own body, and generally know what will or won’t work (although i’m sure i’ll be surprised a few times as I continue to test)

Most people only take the good parts of what I say and not the tougher parts.  When has that ever worked in anything worth doing in life?

Here’s the deal. I love how I feel when I eat the way i’m eating right now.  My strength is good, my joints feel good, and the food tastes good.  But there are two major downsides to what i’m doing, and they’re pretty important.

I’m not getting leaner. I may, in fact, be getting fatter (This might be unique to me).

My performance sucks.  My cardio output isn’t great, and my endurance at the end of the workout is mediocre at best.

So Mike, what are you doing right now?

Well, i’m following 3 basic ideas and eating off of that only:

Grass-fed, Free range, organic, and otherwise healthy foods. 

Low carbs on training days, no carb on non-training/off days

No tracking, just eating healthy foods.

So a typical day of eating looks like this:

Morning (usually 11am after morning work)

3-4 eggs

3oz bacon or ham on workout days

1 ounce cheese

1/2-1 avocado

fruit or oatmeal on workout days

Midday 3pm

6-8oz meat

vegetable cooked in butter or coconut oil

Dinner 8pm-9pm

Same thing as midday

Snack (either midday or at night)

1 serving coconut ice cream OR

1 cup of cottage cheese OR

2oz almonds and a protein shake

Will I keep eating this way? Probably not.  I like how I feel, but I like having a trim waist line better and i’m sure there’s a middle ground to accomplish this. Many people get very lean eating this way, but for me, the lack of carbs doesn’t fill me up and i’m usually hungry all day. The snacks i’ve added need to be brought under control, I should be tracking, but i’m falling into the healthy-eating-no-tracking-trap, and when I cheat, I am cheating too much, likely because I feel deprived.

I suspect adding more carbs, taking some fats out, and being more strategic about my what’s in each meal will do better.  But for now, i’m enjoying the strength and feeling good.