For years it seemed the healthy choice, in fact the ONLY choice for fat loss, was to eat brown rice.

Lower on the glycemic index, slower digesting, it was said to have a better effect on blood sugar levels, stave off hunger, and give you more fiber.

And all of these things are true. 

But recently, white rice came storming into the picture.  Claims from fitness websites and figures all over seemed to say white or jasmine rice is better, brown rice is bad, and everyone should switch over.

Not unrelated, this all began with the gluten free craze.  The main criticism of brown rice is that it bogs you down by being a slower digesting carb, and the casing is more likely to have anti-nutrients, something white rice doesn’t.

Here’s the thing, though.  Bodybuilders have been getting lean eating brown rice for years.  Now, many people are getting lean eating white rice.  So what gives?

Well nutritionally, they are almost identical.  There’s around 40 grams of carbs, little to no fat, and a couple grams of protein.

The difference is in the rate of digestion, and the answer is simple, and lies somewhere in the middle.

If you’re eating rice with a meal at least 2 hours outside your workout (before or after) brown rice is better.  It’ll keep you fuller, longer, and not spike your insulin levels.   This is a good recipe for fat loss.

If you’re within an hour of your workouts, or immediately post workout, white rice is better.  After a workout, spiking insulin will help recovery and muscle growth by shuttling carbs and filling glycogen stores—something we all want.

So next time someone tells you white or brown rice is bad, you can explain to them how that’s not true…or you can just smile and go about your day, armed with knowledge to get lean, stay full, and lose fat faster!