“The workouts are always different every time”

“You really keep your body guessing”

“You never know what the workout is gonna be like”

Do you know what all of these statements have in common?

They are all signs you’re at a fitness place without a plan!

When we talk about nutrition, we know we need a plan, or you’re going to be unsuccessful.

When you go into college, you have a clear cut plan to acquire a degree.

When you get a job, you have a plan to have a develop experience, get a resume together, apply at places, and interview. 

And when you get that job, your employer has a plan for the money they’re going to pay you.

Yet, somehow working out randomly is supposed to get you random results? 

Not likely.

This randomness is one big reason why so many members come to us after months and sometimes even years of working out at another gym, only to realize a fundamental reason they can’t do a real pushup squat to build their booty right is because they never had a chance to learn it and progress—their lack of a plan and lack of a program caused them to not get results. 

Think about it—we already know that metabolic resistance training and eating properly is the best way to lose fat, build lean muscle, and get the results you want.  And we know that the stronger you are, the more effective metabolic resistance sessions are going to be…you can use more weight for more reps in less time.

But what if you never get to practice that move?  Are you going to be better at kettlebell swings for a minute if you never do them?


If your pushups still look like this after a year of being coached, you might have far too much ‘random’ and different to be progressing.

At Edge, we run programs for 3 to 4 weeks.  Each week, we build intensity through adding time, a more difficult/progression, reps, or weight.  After 3-4 weeks of hard work, our clients need a recovery week, so we cut back about 20-25%—not enough to have “easy” workouts, but enough to get ready for the next phase.

The next phase will have some moves from the last, but the format, pairings, and overall feel of the workouts will be different.  In fact, some members might not even realize we follow a program—and that’s OK with us…we take care of all that stuff, you just follow it and get results.

This ensures we can still progress (yes, kettlebell swings are going to be in the workout next month too, and so will squats…and pushups) from phase to phase/month to month without running into boredom. 

program board

Workout board, programs, progressions. With a plan in mind, this is what it takes to move forward. Random and new every day is a recipe for staying the same.

If your gym or workout routine doesn’t involve a plan for you to consistently progress, it’s time to revaluate if you’re working out for the sake of working out, or if you’re really in it for the results.